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How to use sound barrier correctly?

2021-01-22 14:30:45

There are many kinds of noise that can be controlled by sound barrier, but not all kinds of noise. The function of sound barrier is not omnipotent. Therefore, the correct use of sound barrier requires a comprehensive understanding. Jiangsu Yuanxing Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd. summarized the noise control of noise barriers and shared with us the following three categories.

1、 Noise barrier reduces source noise

Industry and transportation can choose low-noise production equipment and improve production technology, or change the movement mode of noise source, such as damping and vibration isolation, to reduce the vibration of solid sound generator.

From the concept analysis of noise and musical sound, we can know the difference between them. In addition to the subjective feeling, they can be divided into pleasant and not pleasant. In physical measurement, we can analyze the frequency of them. According to the characteristics of frequency composition and intensity distribution, we can distinguish the landscape sound barrier. We can analyze the frequency of complex sound and use the horizontal axis to represent the frequency The vertical axis represents the intensity (sound pressure level or sound intensity level) of each frequency component. The graph drawn in this way is called spectrum diagram.

2、 The noise barrier can reduce the noise in the transmission path

Control the transmission of noise, change the noise transmission channels announced by the sound source, such as the selection of sound absorption, sound insulation, sound barrier, vibration isolation and other methods, as well as reasonable planning of the city and construction layout. 3、 The sound barrier can also protect the sound receiver or the sound organ from noise

When there is no way to solve the problem of sound source and transmission, or the acoustic method still can not achieve the expected effect, it is necessary to take protective measures for the sound receiver or organs. For example, workers exposed to long-term occupational noise can wear ear protectors such as earplugs, earmuffs or helmets

Because the foundation of sound barrier in subgrade section belongs to small foundation, it also has the following characteristics: the buried depth of foundation is shallow, the buried depth of concrete foundation is not more than 4m, and the embedded depth of prefabricated steel pipe pile is not more than 8m; The diameter of pile is small, generally less than 1m; Generally, the pile cap structure is set on the pile to bear the force of loose single pile; The main materials are tailored to suit the needs of the people, such as concrete, steel bars and steel pipes.

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