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Do you know the hole types of highway noise barrier

2021-01-23 08:45:39

The hole types of highway sound barrier are as follows:

(1) Louver hole

The metal louver sound barrier also becomes the louver sound barrier: when the sound wave hits the one hundred leaf hole on the panel, it will sink into the hole. The center of the panel is a thick layer of sound-absorbing cotton, which makes it difficult for the noise to sink into the inside. This kind of hole is one of the most commonly used high-speed sound barriers. The louver sound barrier is mainly made of metal materials, It can also be called small shutter noise barrier and large shutter noise barrier.

(2) Micropore

Microporous sound barrier is also used in railway. The screen body is made of galvanized sheet and aluminum sheet. This kind of panel is full of small holes. When the sound wave hits the sound barrier, it will sink into the hole. In the center of the panel is a thick layer of sound-absorbing cotton, which makes it difficult for the noise to sink into the inside. The sound-absorbing cotton is coated with alkali free sodium silicate cloth, and the appearance of the screen body can be sprayed with plastic, Long service life. Metal H-shaped steel column is commonly used in metal microporous noise barrier. This column has the characteristics of high shear strength, high compressive strength, strong corrosion resistance and easy installation.

(3) Sound barrier of highway without holes

Centrifugal glass wool is a kind of thermal insulation material developed in the 1980s. It is a member of the glass fiber clan. It uses the world's advanced centrifugal blowing and suction technology to fibrosis the glass in the melting state, spray thermosetting resin to make silk like material, and then heat solidify it.

Glass wool is mainly made of quartz sand, feldspar, sodium silicate, boric acid and other raw materials by high temperature melting.

Characteristics of glass sound-absorbing cotton: light weight, high sound-absorbing coefficient, good flame retardancy, good chemical stability and moisture-proof.

At present, there are other kinds of sound barrier used in railway, which require that the combination type sound barrier can be installed at a beautiful level, the color steel plate sound barrier can be installed at a low cost, and the full transparent sound barrier can be installed at a good visual effect. Therefore, according to the requirements of customers and the actual use of sound barrier, manufacturers can customize various hole type sound barrier products.

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